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Fall 2020 Kidding

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I figured since we are only 5 weeks out from kidding that I should start a waiting thread!

Our first doe due is Hanna. She looked to have triplets or quads on her ultrasound at 45 days. Hoping it's twins or triplets lol. She had some lameness issues last year with only twins and I had to induce her. One was born dead. I'm hoping things will go smoother this year for her. I will most likely induce so she kids when I'm home in case of any issues. She is due September 13th. She is bred to Wild and these will be his first kids on the ground. She started developing an udder about 4 weeks ago.
Pictures from today
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And Wild the buck she is bred to
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Coyote should also be due around the same time but not sure if she took or got bred later. Hasn't had any udder development yet but looks bred. She is also bred to Wild.
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You have beautiful animals! Best of luck to you!
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