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    May 14, 2010
    hi all,

    my name is emily, i am new to the forum! i have two beautiful alpines named april and shedaisy (sisters). i am pretty new to the dairy goat raising world and this is my first kidding season... here is my situation....

    april and shediasy went to the local buck's place last fall and lived with him for about 4 weeks... april bred pretty soon after being in with him, but shedaisy never seemed to come into heat or breed with him. the women who owns the buck said "in all my 40 years of goat raising, i would be very surprised if shedaisy was pregnant"... so i went with that, i didn't dry her off and assumed she had not been bred... now most people are probably thinking - what? she lived with the buck for 4 weeks and didn't get pregnant? are you crazy! well, shedaisy is a very inward gal, i assumed that she sort of shut down when put in with an aggressive buck that she was not familiar with... it was also late in the season, i live in colorado and i wanted to kid after any danger of sever cold weather, so i bred them in the beginning of december... also, the farm where the buck lives is a difficult place for april and shedaisy to be... before i got them, they lived there, but they were beat up by the other goats and both had a very traumatic experience there and traumatic kidding last year... so i assumed that shedaisy kind of shut down and did not come into heat while she was there because she was so uncomfortable there....

    so here we are, it's may and april kidded - 3 beautiful babies! yay! now 1 week after they are born, shedaisy seems to be in labor for the last 48 hrs... 2 days ago i saw her water break, and she has water and cloudy/white/clear goo coming out for the last 2 days... she is not at all swollen in the vulva, nor is her tailbone very loose... she has that look in her eyes that she is in labor... no real contractions, but a lot of tail flicking... she is not huge in the belly, but i could guess that maybe there is one kid or 2 very small kids.... but still, 2 days pass and nothing seems to be happening...

    at this point, i feel i should go in there if she has a kid (my friend who i live with is very experienced with that, so she will help me)... but perhaps it is a false pregnancy? how do i know? what do i do?

    april and shedaisy, being sisters, and having always lived together are very close... they love each other and don't like to be apart... so someone mentioned that perhaps it is a false pregnancy and shedaisy is induced by seeing her sister with kids...

    any info would be greatly appreciated! thanks so much!
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    Its possible she could have had a cloudburst birth but I would be lubing up and checking. She could have a malpositioned kid in there blocking the exit. 2 days is too long for me to not be wondering.

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    Same here....I would have gone in to check within an hour of the water breaking, at this point, 2 days later the chance of delivery of live kids if there are any is very slim