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FAMACHA & mites

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New goat owner here. My bottle baby is 2.5 weeks old. She appears to have mites from crusty ear bumps. Her temp is 100.4, occasionally grinds her teeth. She gets 4 bottles a day she is taking fine, eliminating fine as well, acting normal.
My question is, how do I treat a kid for mites with something I can get at tractor supply? Can she have loose minerals offered to her already? Also, I tried to take a photo of her FAMACHA. It appears almost white to me. Next step should be a fecal test correct? If so, vet isn’t open until Monday...will she be okay until them regarding that.
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Welcome welcome. I am no expert. Her temp is a bit low. You need to keep it above 101.5 and below 103.5. Her bottle should be just warmer than 101.5.

I am not sure about mite treatment at her age. You can give her a small amount of free mineral to nibble on. Never give water in a bottle it goes into the wrong stomach.

Try giving her a small amount of raw garlic to nibble on too.

Slways weigh hèr.
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Could be mites. Could be staph. You may as well schedule a vet appointment. Then you can get a fecal to include coccidia and have her checked over. Temp of 100.4 is a little low. You will want her temp over 101 before feeding any more milk. Normal temp is 101.5-103.5.
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I do agree.
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