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Farm Name's

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I am thinking about naming my farm. Or trying to get ideas. I won't technically be a farm till my doelings have babies next year. Lol. But was just wondering how u guys and gals came up with names. I wanted to use Cherokee names or other native American names since I live in an area that is rich in their history. And I have always found them to be very interesting people. Only problem is, the names I have found on line are so long and probably difficult for most southern folks to say right. Lol. No offense to anyone I'm southern too:) So just wondering how u all named your farms. And if u have any suggestions let me know. Thanks! Oh and have a Merry Christmas!
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Well, my farm name is not "official " ..but I call it "Meaty Acre Farm". (Pun intended). We thought about Zip tie farm, cause it's all pretty much held together by them!
Lol that's pretty cool. And the zip tie is an amazing little creature. Lol. I use them a lot too.
I came up with Wild Hearts Ranch because I love the movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken :) I have horses too so the name was about them rather than goats, but it will apply to the goats too.
I found this cherokee name. It means beautiful valley. Genessee. It maybe the easiest for people to say because it sounds like Tennessee. Lol. I just wanted some thing different and catchy that folks would remember.
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