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    Dec 13, 2009
    please help. im pretty new to this. when i have had people over to look at goats to buy, they have all told me that my goats were too fat. that they wont get pregnant when they are that fat. i have searched the web over and cannot confirm this. i have however cut way down on feeding. the last time goat people saw them they had been pastured on grass and weeds. they were pretty fat then. should i not go free choice on pasture? i really wish they could just pasture. but if need be i can limit there pasture time.
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    A buck that is too fat may have breeding issues because he can get too lazy to breed. A doe may have trouble with delivery and pregnancy because of weight issues. I like my goats to look healthy (ie... yes they can be a bit pudgy! :wink: ) but I always make sure they aren't over a 3 body score at breeding time.

    If you run your hands down their back and ribs... can you feel their bones at all or is at all soft and flabby? I believe you can google checking body condition in goats (or something similar) and find the actual score sheet. :)

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    I agree with myfainters..... it can create problems at pregnancy.. and some cannot conceive if to fat...... :( If you post some pics of them... we can verify if they are to fat ....some goats that people think are fat.... are in actuality ... not ......

    Some goats may have alot of hair....so feeling with your hands ...there structure... can also help to determine..... if they are to fat....

    If the pasture is lush and really nice.... they will gain weight on it.....reducing time on there and feeding less grain ...hay.....should help......

    hope this helps... :greengrin:
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    A good way to score your goats is given at the Langston U. web site at http://www2.luresext.edu/goats/research/bcshowto.html
    If your does are too fat they may develop problems in late pregnancy or when kidding. The good thing is you can adjust their diet to get some of the weight off. Offer more roughage such as grass hay, not alphalfa, and cut back on the goat kibble or grain. Less protien and energy feeds.