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Feed prices are getting out of control here!

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I called in an order today at our local (cheaper) feed store.

Bale of Alfalfa
Bale of Orchard Grass
50# rabbit food
50# chicken food
50# alfalfa cubes


I had to sell three goats this week to afford feed. I'm down to 7 goats on site, 1 is being studed out. I had 14 just a couple months ago. I just cannot afford to medicate, feed, etc them.
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Maybe cause you are in Hawaii? am a little worried myself but here that would be about $90....
(we have dogs though and their feed is $70 a month)
Sorry to hear that. I think that would be about $100 here. We pay about $150 per month to feed all of our animals.
Gas has gone down to $4.09/gallon which is the cheapest it's been in AGES. Since the stuff is barged in, you would think that the cost of the feed would go down too.
Wow that's pricey. That same order would cost me about 50 bucks. You would think that since gas went down that the price of everything else would too but sometimes that's just not the case anymore.
Feed has gone down a bit here, but still expensive. Dog food (40.00 for 40 lbs) has gone up a bit.

I spend 110.00 for hay each month and a bit over 300.00 for grain and dog food.
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