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    Oct 6, 2010
    I am new to the Boer goat business. I currently have 5 boer goats and 3 pygmy goats. Now that the pasture is coming to an end, I need to feed them more grain. My question is there are so many goat feeds out there.
    I have looked and the major difference is medicated and not. 1st ?, is it best to feed medicated feed? #2 Can you feed medicated feed to pregnant, does that are kidding and kids?
    I am trying to get the best feed for my buck. I do plan to show some of the goats next year and my daughtes will show at 4-H. Most of the feed I see around my area are 16% protein with one being 15% and another being 18%. They range in price from $10/bag to $15/bag, bag is 50 lbs. The only difference I see in the labels is the about of salt and copper are different between them. What would be your suggestion, should I get the feed with the most salt and copper or would the one work fine that doesn't list salt and/or copper?
    The local (in Ohio) feed we have here is from TSC (Tractor Supply Company)which include Noble Goat, Producer's Pride, Dumor. We also have grainery that include custom mixes, High Noon, Starmaster, Show Boer, Show Right, MoorMan's ShowTec.
    Thanks for any input you have.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    higher protein is good so like 16% or higher. You want a feed with copper in it. TSC carries some good feeds. I hear Dumor is actually really good. I have no experience with the others so they could be great but I wouldnt know

    Make sure their main diet is hay though and you are just supplementing them with grain.

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    It's up to you, but if you are not milking the does, they should do well on just good alfalfa/grass mix hay. I usually don't give mine any grain until they are about 100 days bred.

    Bucks that are in rut do best if they are getting grain. The amount you need to give will depend on the buck, but generally no more than 1 lb/day.

    Preg. does can eat medicated feed but probably don't need it. Some people use medicated feed for kids to prevent coccidiosis. I don't personally recommend this prevention method but some have success with it.

    For the grain you might just want to try a couple different brands/textures and see what your goats seem to prefer. There are a few people here that really seem to like using the Dumor feed--I have not used it or any of the other brands you mentioned so I really can't comment on that :)
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    grain with preventative... in it ...is a low dose treatment and doesn't do any good..... if a goat doesn't eat enough of it.... they are underdosed... which is not good....

    If you have alot of Does.... just take a bucket full of grain out.... and have grain feeders spread out and feed it to them.....every once in a while..... ..... they don't need alot of grain ..... But need good quality hay.... like Alfalfa or Alfalfa mix... to keep them warm and help keep on the weight.... :wink:
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    To use medicated feed when it is not needed is a serious mistake. Why give a disease an ability to resist an antibiotic if it is not needed. The same goes for worm medicine. I would give them some good quality hay. I give mine grain (at the most) every two days. They seem to be healthy and I seldom medicate.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    i feed 16% goat pellets and bull ration...its a good mix and i feed mine 5 cups a day at 2:3...the wethers here were on pasture and hay and did fine but since its starting to get cooler, i have added pellets. this mix was recommended by a trusted meat goat breeder and they have had great success with it