Feeding does and a wether together

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  1. Hi- We have one wether kid and two does. I know that we should be feeding the wether kid grain while he grows, but that soon we need to start being carful about UC.

    Currently we feed all three together. They get a good grain mix (new Country organic goat feed and/or Nature's Best pellets; with a little BOS). What is the easiest way to protect the wether against UC? Can I mix ammonium chloride into everyone's feed? Or must I feed him separately? Should I just give him a "treat" of like a piece of banana with some every day? What is the dosage for Nigerian Dwarfs?

    They also have free choice Sweetlix Meatmaker minerals and a pink salt lick.

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    I would separate because he should not be getting BOSS and he should be getting alfalfa pellets if he doesn't already have alfalfa hay. A little grain is okay but don't give him any more than a cup.

    I would feed all your goats separately, it gets them into a good practice. Many people tie their goats up and then feed, and this also gets them used to being tied. Give them each their spot that you never change along the fence or wall and clip em.

    As for ammonium chloride, do any of your feeds already have it in them?

    I'm not sure of the daily dosage of ammonium chloride, you could add it to your minerals at a certain rate, @mariarose knows this.

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