Feeding Goats (more a pain then I thought!!)

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    Okay guys! Had a really bad day because of a stupid feed companies actions... and my hubby made it worse.... not his *complete* fault, but I'm still mad. :veryangry:

    For a while we've been feeding Southern States brand Goat and Kid food for our entire herd. We were getting low a few days ago and my hubby decided to stop in and buy Purina Noble Goat food in town so we didn't have to drive as far. I was okay with that, since I could just slowly change an figured we might stay with that feed because it was less hassle and less drive time to get it even though it was $2 more expensive.

    Well, hubby went in and took ALL the food we had left (which was 1 and 1/2 bag and dumped it in the same barrel and mixed it together. I was FURIOUS! because what if they had a allergic reaction or something to the new feed (had it happen to a horse once). Well, I chocked it up to just "dummy husband syndrome" and just happened to look at the nutritional tag attached. It's MEDICATED FEED! I Was SUPER POed :veryangry: NO WHERE on the bag did it say medicated! Every other brand of feed (for any animal in general) usually states it medicated right on the BAG, not just the label! Luckily, nobody got fed it, but I purchased 1 whole bag of Med.feed I can't use, BUT 1 1/2 bags of my old stuff is tainted with med. feed, because of my hubby's stroke of genius!

    I am never feeding Purina again for any of my animals.

    Now this isn't just a rant, I really would like some imput on what I should do. I want to feed my animals as natural and cost effective as possible and wouldlike to distance my self from the commercial feeds. I've already done this with my Clydesdale. I feed him beet pulp without mollasses, alfalfa cubes, rice bran, fresh ground flaxseed and Essential K ratio balancer, which basically provided minerals and vitamins for him. Is this possible to do for goats? I had an equine nutrionist give me this recipe for my horse, but am not so familiar with how to go about this task with goats.

    :idea: I had thought of feeding them:
    Sweetlix free choice minerals for meat goats (already have it out there for them now)
    Beet pulp without mollasses
    Flaxseed fresh ground
    alfalfa cubes (except for the bucks)
    and rice bran

    Do they need anything else?? I don't want to feed corn if I can help it and I would like to keep them away fromhigh sugars. I'd imagine protein would be the most important here since I want milk, but do I need to add calcium? How much would I feed this to each goat if this recipe would be alright?

    My goats as follows:
    Buck #1 is an 8month 75%nubian/25%Alpine weight about 100lbs.
    Buck #2 is about 3-4 months and is boer/alpine cross about 40lbs.
    Doeling #3 is a 7month old PB nubian about 80lbs.
    Doeling #4 is a cashmere about 5-6 months about 40lbs.
    Doe #5 is about 4-5 year old and about 140lbs
    Doe #6 is an Alpine/nubian cross late pregnancy 140lbs
    Doe #7 is a boer about 2-3 years and is about 125lbs.

    They all eat out of their own bucket, so I can tweak each goats feed if need be.

    Now I'm not precise on the weight, just a rough guess I could be off here, but just to give an idea. I want to give my goats the best I can and feed them the best within my budget.

    ANY ideas on feed and/or how much to feed would be greatly appreciated. :wave:

    So sorry for the begining rant, just had to blow of some steam! Hope noone is upset, and no offense if you use purina food.
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    Oct 5, 2007
    South Texas
    I feed the purina noble medicated feed to my bucks and to my kids. They do great on it and keep cocci down and growth up - I really do like it. I feed the dairy blend to my girls :)

    Not sure on natural feeds, sorry

  3. nancy d

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    Oct 5, 2007
    near Seattle
    She's right about the medicated stuff keeping cocci down.
    For awhile I looked into more natural feed but it was too expen$ive.

    They're not going to have an allergic reaction. If what you have is at least half of what the're used to your goaties should probably be ok...not the ideal way to switch feed but you gotta do what you gotta do.
    Sorry this happened to you, sometimes my hubby gets the wrong hay but no one has suffered.
  4. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    medicated feed is just medicated for coccidia -- wont hurt them but if its something you dont want to feed I can understand it.

    if you do feed it till you get your new stuff just give a handful and increase slowly.

    Medicated feeds for goats do not have medicated written anywhere on the bag just on the tag from my experience. Best to ask before buying each time. Sorry
  5. myfainters

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    Oct 29, 2009
    Lancaster, CA
    Yep, that's what I feed too.... my goaties love it and we don't have issues with coccidia ( KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!!!!) :p
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    What made me SOOOO very made was it didn't say medicated ANYWHERE on the bag, only the label attached at the bottom. I can understand that you guys use it and that's cool, but I'd prefer not to since we try to do things all natural (at least to a degree), but you guys KNEW it was medicated, I didn't and wouldn't have if I hadn't just by luck decided to look at the label. Hubby asked for just "plain ole' goat feed" is what he told me.

    I know it Probably wouldn't get anyone sick or allergic reactions, but I always introduce new stuff slowly, just incase and I don't mix bags because what if they did get sick from it, I'd be out food they could eat.

    At any rate, they seem to like the beet pulp and rice bran. I looked at the bag this morning and completly for got that the rice bran has "added calcium" which is 1.7% according to the bag. Will this hurt my bucks? I've ben very skimmpy with them and gave them more beet pulp to compensate.

    Thank you all!!! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to vote today!God Bless :laugh:
  7. kelebek

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    Oct 5, 2007
    South Texas
    I was curious so I went out and looked at my calf starter - it also did not say medicated on it anywhere - except on the ingredient tag - Purina Calf Startena - not even the feed guy told me - just said this is what I need to feed. I noticed on the tag it was medicated in TINY little letters
  8. SDK

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    Jun 26, 2008
    Yucaipa ca
    i used a mix that sarah D made.. it worked really well. I really likes it because it didn't contain corn or soy
  9. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I would get a more complete mix with like oats and BOSS -- as SDK above mentioned goathappy has a good mix that has worked well for her. Do a search for grain mix and you should find the "recipe"