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    Nov 9, 2009
    All my goats are on rabbit pellets ,, calf manna and loose purina goat mineral.. thats what they love... i noticed a mentioning of beet pulp..
    could you folks give some info on what it does for your animals and why you give it I was told its good for dairy cows as well. but nobody here where i live uses it that i know of .. I give it too my horses with their oats and supplements in dead on winter..for caloric reasons so they keep their body weight up and stay warm.. only one horse in the barn and he is geriatric.. and the others were never in a barn so they stay down in the gully out of the wind or on the side of the barn that is good for them... i also give them baby carrots in the cello bag from the store once in a while..as a treat.. boy do they love that,, tried the raisins,, turned their nose up at it.. must have carrots must have carrots!!! lol
    also would like some info on natural worming treatments I know of a sheep rancher who uses pumpkin seeds and apples for certain parasites.. I would like to keep my goats as chemical free as possible..I know watermelon seeds are good for deworming but dont know if it would hurt this species.. any information would be helpful