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Feeding Orphaned Holland Lop Babies

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I have 2 HL babies, born Nov 28. Their mom died unexpectedly, and I have no other doe with kits. So I am 'dropper' feeding them Goat's Milk. They don't really like it and will only drink about 1-4 dropper fulls at a time. (.3ml to about 1ml) They are getting boney and dehydrated looking. How do I get them to eat more?
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Don't know but hopefully someone can help you.
We feed our orhapn mini rex kits kitten milk tgat we bougth at oet valu
We had good luck feeding canned evaporated milk to orphaned bunnies. They need thick fatty milk. Goat milk might not be rich enough. We fed by the dropper too and only twice a day. They did just fine. We also made sure they had water and dry hay (not green) when they were old enough.
I too have used kitten milk. Make sure to rub there back side with a warm cotton ball to stimulate them into going potty
Well, all my work for nothing . Both died within 24 hours of each other. I was really hoping at least one would make it. Their dam was such a nice looking doe...
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