Felony "Animal Cruelty"

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    Here’s a pic of our Doberman. His name is Booger lol.
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    Jun 18, 2020
    Too cute!
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    OMG I love him!
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    Had a black Doberman, he was a very loving, smart, dedicated handsome dog. Love them.
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    @Damfino - any news on your friends charges?
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    Dec 29, 2013
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    Thanks for asking. My friend had her arraignment on December 16th and she pled "not guilty" by reason of protecting livestock. The judge did not dismiss the case and I think it's because the DA really wants her to plead guilty to a lesser charge. It just goes to show how corrupt our "justice" system is in this country. It's all about winning cases and it's rarely about actually making sure justice is served. So at this point I think it's a game of chicken with the DA. If he can get my friend to panic and take the lesser charge, he wins. If she decides to fight this it's going to cost her a lot of money, but she decided to fight it anyway. I think the case can still be dismissed before the trial on April 15th and I truly hope it is. I think my friend will win her case if it's heard in court, but as I said, it's a lot of expense and bother for her to win. It's also scary because if she gets found guilty of animal cruelty, the penalty could be 12-18 months in jail. The threat of this possibility is enough to make many people plead to lesser charges even if they're totally innocent, which of course is not justice at all.

    The man with the dogs had his arraignment a few weeks ago and he pled guilty to ELEVEN "dog at large" charges. He just paid the fines and went home. The dogs have been "at large" several times since then and my friend has it on camera but she knows now that no one is going to do anything about it. The owner doesn't care how many fines he pays and the authorities seem totally uninterested in taking his dogs away. My friend is also afraid to call the cops now. When they came to question her they said they weren't considering charges against her and then they charged her anyway! So now she doesn't want the cops out to her property again.

    Word on the street is that the dog owner launders money for some drug lord up in Denver so he's flush with cash and doesn't care how many fines he pays. The man has a serious criminal record and has spent time in jail in the past, so I'm actually kind of wondering if the authorities are avoiding hitting him on any small potatoes charges because they're trying to build a big case so they can put him away for a long time. I really hope that's what's happening. He shot 30 rounds off in the direction of my friend's house after the dog incident. Apparently he has at least one fully-automatic weapon in his house and numerous other weapons despite his felony record. The cops know he has guns but have not charged him with illegal weapons possession which makes me think they might be building a bigger case. It will be interesting to see how things develop over the next few months.
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    Wow. How horrible.
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    Ugh. I feel for your friend. If she hits the court with all her evidence and she is found guilty she will have a strong case for appeal. But this will ruin her. Its a rock and a hard place. I am a legal advocate and I can see the holes in the DA case.
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    I was going to ask how the case was going. What a crazy thing for your friend. I sure wish your friend the best.
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    I think I would go PUBLIC with this information on her trial. It sounds like a farse. All it takes is for the Judge & Attorney to be Publicised outside of their tiny jurisdiction. Let others SEE whats going on. Wonder how fast her case would be excused.
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    Wow..prayers for your friend!! It's unbelievable