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FF doe pregnant or not

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Right hello guys , I'm new I decided to join since I've gotten real anxious at this point about my ff doe, she is a beetal goat and she was not cheap. Everyone seems to be saying she doesn't look sterile but that she could be (makes no sense right). She was bred 25th December 2021, she was definitely bred , the day after she had milk white mucus coming out from behind and it's been 15 weeks but no pregnancy signs yet, or maybe I'm not checking right , there's no blood tests or ultrasounds where I am so it's even harder , and the stress is honestly unbearable , she's my favourite goat. She didn't come into heat after she was bred 25th December but I don't know if that's because she went out of season , I'm just lost at this point , basically nearly 4 months and no sign ( or maybe I'm bad at identifying, she is my first goat) , I'll attach some pictures maybe you guys could help x馃槪 p.s no udder or weight is obvious in photos so I've read about a pooch test , thanks in advance xxx
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She looks to have a small udder building? Being 4 months along you think you see a bit more but some FF wait until the last minute. Vulva looks a bit longated. Let's see what others think.
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Thank you! Very much appreciated @happybleats xx
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I answered on your other listing.
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