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I posted about this pygmy doe a few months back, she came with a group of nigerian girls purchased
I was told non of them were bred, but I kept seeing little signs with this girl and she never came into heat.

100 percent sure now. I got her Oct 8th
She has a almost full cute little ff udder now.

It's small and hard to see cuz she's so furry but it's about the size of a grapefruit.

Her ligs are at the noddle stage but I have her in the kidding pen since I don't know date.

I'm assuming she just has 1 little nugget in there she's not very big.

Her valva has swelled alot more over the last week.

Anyone have guesses on when these little ones will arrive!? 馃榿
first picture was a week ago. Last 3 were today

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If she got bred on Oct. 8th she鈥檇 be due March 2nd鈥o that鈥檚 her last possible due date at 145 days for a mini.
My guess is you have a week or two yet to go. It鈥檚 hard to tell from the photos if she鈥檚 dropped or if her hips are sinking in. How old is she. Is it her first freshening?
Sorry I purchased her on Oct 8th!
I bought a small herd of nigerians. She was going to be left alone at the farm i bought her from so I decided to take her as well.

I have no idea what her breeding date would be. Just that she never came back into heat at my farm. The man told me she wasn't bred but clearly she was.

She would be a ff I would say based on age her hips have started to sink slightly and her tail head is pretty loose

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Then get your kidding kit ready鈥.sorry, I misunderstood, it鈥檚 possible she could kid in the next few days to week. Best of luck, I hope she has an easy textbook kidding for you. Any idea of the buck that she was exposed to?
Thanks! I'm not 100 percent sure who she was bred to as there were no bucks there when I bought them.
He did have 2 pens where he kept his pygmies seperate from is hopefully she was in with a pygmy buck? She was in the pen alone when I arrived. I'll keep a close eye on her !
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