FHR Show brag! LOL

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    Ok.... we are back from our trip to the Western Fainting Goat Show in Idaho. 14 hour drive each way but it was worth every minute!!!!!!

    Here are our wins:
    Bree: 2nd and 3rd place in the first 2 shows. Both judges said if she had let them TOUCH her they would have placed her higher as she is magnificent. (their words not mine.... though I AGREE! LOL)
    3rd show (2nd day) 1st place Sr. Doe, Grand Champion Doe and BEST IN SHOW!!!! She let that judge touch her. LOL :stars:

    Triton won Grand Champion buck and is now a Master Champion! WOOHOO!!! :wahoo:

    Huckleberry got 3rd place in a large class so we were proud of him!

    Monte won(2) 1st place Sr. buck 24-36 months out of 8 bucks and (1) 2nd place

    We placed in the top 3 in every class we showed. AWESOME!!!!! Not to mention it was a ton of fun..... except for the terrible hangover I haad the first day of showing! LOL I guess next year I'll have to remember not to drink just because I have all this free time without our toddlers!!!! LMBO :GAAH:

    Here are some pictures. :) Hope you like them.

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    Congrats big time on your placings! :stars: Bree is super sharp in her pic with the ribbon. :thumb:
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    thats awesome :stars:
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    That is terrific....congrats.... :thumb: :love: