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This is a pointless rant but kinda fun and thought it might stir up some conversation.

You know, I'm often watching for goats for sale in the local online classifieds ( Rarely are there any goats that would be ideal to add to my herd of 3. But then sometimes I find a week where there are 3 or 4 ads that have potentially perfect goats. Or perhaps they'd be perfect except....

I'm looking to add up to 3 more goats over time. I'd like 2 big males ready to pack, and one more female. My current crew is mostly too young--I have a 3yo female and a 1yo female and her brother. That'd total 6, which'd be the limit for me.

So this week I see an ad for 2 experienced males, but they have horns (I'm avoiding horns since my herd is hornless thusfar). Another ad for some 'large males with some pack experience', but they dont answer the phone and there are no pictures and little info in the description. (The ad vanished after 36 hours so they must have sold despite not answering the phone). An ad for a female just like my 3yo, the perfect choice! Bottle fed and everything. Only problem is she comes with a mini goat that I dont want filling one of the openings. Another ad for a 1yo male that would be perfect, except he doesnt fit the age requirement.

I tell you it takes some self control to not pounce and overlook the issues. Somehow I just know that the perfect goats will show up just after I buy some not quite perfect goats. Getting some that are too young would dampen my ability to do actual overnight camping for a couple years. Thats kind of a big deal. Getting one that comes with a pygmy buddy causes problems unless you want to keep track of another 'dog' on the trail (else it freaks out being left at home). The perfect choice seems to materialize once per year or less. When a bunch show up all at once it sets the mind to spinning and thinking. And you know how it is. Unless you set rules in advance, and say "I'm going to look at 3 before I pick one", you'll usually if not always come home with the first one you visit. Its certainly true of puppies but with goats, its trickier because rarely are there 3 perfect choices available at the same time (and often if they're that great they sell within hours).

I havent added any goats since late spring. Its a miracle. Somehow I suspect I wont make it past this coming spring ;o) The thing that sucks is that once you get your quota, you're hard pressed to add another for a loooong time, unless you have a tragedy happen to one of the existing crew. Thats me and the horses- People gave me free ones they didnt want until I wouldnt take any more. Now I cant really shop for a horse or pick up the perfect find. I'm locked in for quite some time, since I tend to get attached and wouldnt sell off even the one thats lame, or the useless mini mule simply because I couldnt guarantee they would live out their days happily (lame and useless usually doesn't end well). Besides. A person only has so many hours to dedicate to the critters. There's a limit. I'll keep looking and try to keep my head on straight. Hah.

I bet some of you guys have been forced to pass up on the perfect choice. Or had one born that you would keep were it not for the population already in the field. Or got one that you know you shouldn't have that turns out to be the best move you've ever made.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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