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ADGA & AGS Nigerian Dwarf herd.
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I have been absolutely dying to get updated photos for my farm. Usually I take the photos and then edit them, ect.
:ROFLMAO:But my husband took these shots and several others from this session and I edited them. It was nice to get a break and have him photograph them instead of me. He hates editing, while I love it so no gripes here still pitching in elbow grease lol! These also help with the website re-build/re-vamp to make it spruced up since there are so many images (18 total)
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He captured them so beautifully!! Our family really enjoyed spending time with our girls in the weather we are having in the evenings since here in West KY it has been HOT. Between work/life outside of goats and the awful heat, we just can't tolerate sitting out there all day with the heat the way it has been.
I'm realizing these yearlings that will be bred here soon are growing up and part of me doesn't feel ready for their first freshenings!! It just doesn't seem real! These girls have so much potential and are quite literally MY babies. I raised them up since they were little and they mean so much to me.
The next few weeks/months will be the last photos of them before they have been bred since I am kidding some does out in January, then some in later months.
Both of these does were who I took to my first ever show! 馃挊
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