Finally! Cute Shirts For Goat People

Discussion in 'Sponsor Display' started by TGSAdmin, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. TGSAdmin

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    Sep 6, 2012
    Welcome Big Pile Of Goat Shirts to the forum as our newest community sponsor! They offer many different designs and options like holiday, patriotic, retro, custom, even decals. Find a great gift for the holidays or your new favorite shirt by checking them out at They're currently offering 20% off, too!

    Mikel, the owner and artist is proud to be a crazy goat lady. She has a variety of breeds (25 head in all), but admits she tends to favor her LaManchas.
  2. happybleats

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    Sep 12, 2010
    Gustine Texas
    Welcome to the spot! Lamanchas are my fav too...

  3. ksalvagno

    ksalvagno Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Great! All kinds of neat shirts!
  4. sweetgoats

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    Oct 18, 2007
    Peyton CO.
  5. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
  6. usamagoat

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    May 2, 2013
    New Zealand
  7. GATA_Goats

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    Sep 19, 2013
    Just knocked out a big chunk of my Christmas shopping! Everyone in my family has just been goated!
  8. TDG-Farms

    TDG-Farms Dave (TDG Farms) S.E. Washington State

    Jul 12, 2013
    BAH! How about a pack goat with horns standing atop a mountain looking all tough. To me, that would be cute :) lol
  9. I just told my family I want one for Xmas....
  10. groovyoldlady

    groovyoldlady Goat Crazy!

    Jul 21, 2011
    Central Maine
    Love it. The retro ones would fit well with our farm name: Groovy Caprines!
  11. fishin816

    fishin816 Raising Nigerian Dwarf DAIRY Goats, registered wit

    Mar 4, 2011
    Southern Illinois
    Christmas to be exact.
  12. GATA_Goats

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    Sep 19, 2013
  13. ilovegoats

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    Nov 26, 2013
    What's capping?
  14. ksalvagno

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    Says Caprine which means goat.
  15. 5Kids

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    Feb 11, 2015
    They are cool, but what about for the guys!?
  16. Buck Naked Boers

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    Oct 14, 2012
    Following. Welcome to goat spot!! Wish there were shirts like The Mountain company has on their shirts and hoodies. They are our fav company. But looks like you have neat stuff too. Glad someone has taken on goat themed clothes!!
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  17. Beckngoats

    Beckngoats New Member

    I need Christmas cards with Goats on them. Anybody sell them?
  18. thegoatmama

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    Mar 19, 2015
    Papaaloa, Hawaii
  19. 5goatgirls

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    Jun 20, 2010
    Henderson, NC
    Oh my gosh, I've been off of the forums awhile due to some work issues but wish I had the time before Christmas so that I would have seen this new site. It's going into my favorites right now!