FINALLY....will be getting the papers on my bucks!

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    Alright so as many of you know, I bought a herd of nigerians back in August. Well, i've been waiting for the papers on some bucks and a few does. Well, I will be getting the rest of the papers in 4 to 6 weeks! :D I'm really excited to finally get them. I will be getting my Twin Creeks buck's papers this week hopefully. Here's some of his info....

    TX Twincreeks Spark N The Nite
    Dam: MCH/CH Critter Creek Sparkles
    Sire: Twincreeks AB Adagio *S

    I talked with Kellye from Twincreeks and she said that cross was very successful and she was just thrilled with the breeding. She said that the entire litter was really nice and Sparks was her pick. So i'm really excited to have him! :D He's such a wonderful buck.
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    That's really great! :)

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    Congratulations!!! Good lines too.