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Hi all.

I am completely new to this site and to raising any livestock animal. Before I do anything major, I want to really be informed. I've been reading all that I can on goats and goat rearing, but what I feel I really need is a mentor. I have a few family members who raised cattle several decades ago, but other than that, I don't know anybody that has livestock experience. So, I'm trying to find a mentor, but it's proving to be tough.

Only a few people have goats around here that I can see, and they are all just pet goats, no breeding or milking. I'd like to have dairy goats.

How does one go about finding a good breeding and someone willing to mentor? Does anybody have any references to anyone in Illinois? I'm located south of Chicago.

I have about 15 acres that I would like to share with goats. I may have a few more acreage for them to graze on, but not live on. I don't plan on getting goats anytime soon. I don't even have anything fenced. Just planning ahead.:cool:
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