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Firecracker kidded last weekend with a single buck kid. I thought I'd share pictures of the birth :) He was a big boy and I had to pull a little, but everyone is happy and healthy :)

A 'gettin' serious' contraction
Felidae Whiskers Eyelash Snout Terrestrial animal
First push
Whiskers Fawn Working animal Terrestrial animal Pack animal
Plug's out!
Wood Fawn Working animal Whiskers Eyelash
Jaw Dog breed Working animal Fawn Carnivore
The beginnings of a foot
Vertebrate Mammal Fawn Snout Whiskers
More foot
Eye Human body Terrestrial plant Tree Plant
Vertebrate Leaf Toy Organism Mammal
Leg! I had to pull both legs forward. He was big.
Organism Dog breed Working animal Carnivore Fawn
Tired momma!
Vertebrate Goat Terrestrial animal Goat-antelope Livestock
The little man all dried off.
Cat Felidae Grey Floor Carnivore


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Brilliant pictures and congratulations!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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