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    This morning I went out to check on my goats and found a dead buckling. I honestly have been worried every morning for the past 6 weeks that I would find a dead goat because we have had such an issue with 2 does and their babies. Both trios(mom and 2 doelings, and mom and 2 bucklings) got coccidia. The mom and 2 doelings bounced right back after I got a fecal and dosed them with marquis. The other goats. Not so much. With the second doe and her bucklings I got the same meds for even though I usually go the herbal route because I just felt it was the best option. The does diarhea was terrible. I got home with the meds and I extracted 4 ccs. And I needed a minimum of 13 to dose her. So I go back to the vet to get what I paid for and the girl acted like I was lying. Charged me for more meds and when I get back home I extracted 11.5 all together. At this point I had to leave for work. With it being a Friday I knew the vet would be closed and I freaked out and just gave her the meds. Even though I slightly under dosed her she got better. 3 weeks later she had diarhea again. So I took a fecal in and explained the situation about how I was double charged and didn't dose her enough and thought she had cocci still. The receptionist( who was the one who shorted me) got irritated and talked to the vet. Who by the way never even spoke to me. She said that they saw tapes in the fecal. Not enough cocci to cause diarhea but if she did have it again that it would be because my I didn't clean my pens well enough, not because she was underdosed. Which made me upset because I do clean my pens. She was in an unused one after this anyway. Like I've never had any animal in this pen. I dosed her with safe guard and still no change. At this point her eyelids are barely pink and her bucklings now have diarhea. At this point I'm frustrated to the point of tears. I've spent so much on a vet and they are extremely unhelpful. I ended up having my ex-bosses wife do a fecal for me. She saw a huge amount of cocci. So I dosed them all with corid. For 5 days and now we are working on anemia. My doe is pretty weak but still eating. I've dosed her with red cell 2 days now. But after finding the dead buckling I just feel so defeated and like I don't know what I'm doing! He was fine yesterday. I need help! I know this is all over the place. If someone could help that would be great!
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    What dosages safeguard was given, paste or liguid, when, and for how many days? What dosages of CoRid/marquis did you use and when? What herbal remedy/combination were you using; how much and how often? How much did the treated goat(s) weigh?

    Was electrolyte water, probiotics, B Complex and/or a hay only diet provided during the periods of diarrhea?

    Per a past post dated 10/02/19, chickens share the same shelter and enclosure. Did the goat(s) eat or break into the chicken feed? Was a bacterial culture done on the poop at any time?

    I am sincerely sorry for your loss. I suspect the last thing you might want to do right now is answer a bunch of questions. In order to help there is a need for more information. :(

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    So sorry for your loss.
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    I'm so sorry you lost your buckling. :angel:

    Could you post pictures of your goats? And their pen? What do you feed them? What is the weather like where you are?
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    No, no I don't mind answering questions because I really want to figure this out.
    * I gave her the marquis on September the 13th. I can't remember the other dates right now. I'll have to look.
    *safe guard paste was used. The kind for horses. My tsc was out of the one for goats.
    *during treatment she had only an orchardgrass mix. She had electrolyte water and probiotics but no b complex. I did feed her a few oak leaves bc they are her favorite.
    *i mixed 6 tablespoons of corid in 16 ounces of water and dosed her 22 ccs per day. She lost quite a bit of weight and she weighed 72 lbs the morning I began dosing her with cord.
    *i use fir meadows gi soother and the dewormer. I used each once a week.
    *yes she did get into the chicken coop around that time when the door was open and ate a few bites of chicken food. She doesn't have access to it now. I keep the chicken food inside and only feed them at night so I think that was the only time she had any.
    *no bacterial culture was done. I thought she may had eaten something poisonous to her around that time bc she got out of the pen so I did give her activated charcoal.
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    this is the only picture I have at the moment. Only the field they are sometimes in. I'll try to get pictures of their shelter and the goat in question later. The weather has been dry here lately and now it's in the 30s at night. It was really hot. Like in the 90s and dry. We were under a no burn advisory the whole month of September and into October. It has rained since then but not a lot.

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    I feed them a mixed hay. Orchard grass, alfalfa. And chaffhaye. The 2 does in milk get a bit organic grain but the sick one hasn't in weeks. And in the summer they have access to grass and weeds in the big fenced in area.
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    what dose was safeguard?
    Oak leaves are great to give, they are binding and can help with scours. Good food too.
    GI Soother is good stuff and you can give daily

    Coccidia can do so much damage in a very short time which can interfere with nutrient absorption. Smoothies of dark greens, carrot, celery, fresh raw garlic ,probiotics or yogurt, molasses and ACV ..any or all of these in enough water to blend smooth. Drench with drenching syringe or turkey baster. If you have access to Dr C's Vitaherbs or LOH Herbamins, add that too. LOH also have a blend called Gi Back on Track that is very good. Leaves, vines, pine, cedar are all good food...Idea is to feed as much usable nutrients while you work on her other issues. I would also suggest to send a fecal into a lab for full evaluation.
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    I gave her 3xs her weight since it was for horses. For 3 days. She is eating. Her eyelids are very pale now. I have only given her 2 doses of red cell. I gave her 4.5 ccs each time. The only greens I have on hand right now are arugula and a mix of romaine for salads. I do have all the other ingredients. Which greens would be best. I can go to the store and get different ones if needed.
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    I have noticed all the information seems to be about the doe specifically. Same questions in post #2, and other members, for background about the buckling that died. How old are the 2 sets of kids?

    We're fecal done for any of the kids?
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    Yes. fecals were done for the kids as well and they were dosed based on weight just like mom. They are 9 weeks tomorrow. We were waiting to wether them when all this passed and they got better. Mom is really tall and they are part Pygmy so we didn't feel there is a risk of the bucklings getting her pregnant if she did go into heat. The other doe and doelings are fine. Good fecals, eating well, nice pink eyelids. The doelings are 12 weeks Friday.
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    To clarify the bucklings had the same issues as mom and were dosed based on weight just like her.
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    I also live in South Central Kentucky. If you are within driving distance of Glasgow, I can recommend my vet, Dr Webb, of Glasgow Animal Clinic. Also Dr. Owsley of the same clinic.

    No one there ever talks down to me.

    They aren't "goat vets" but they do try, and they do listen, and in my opinion, have saved more of my goats than they've killed.

    Dr Creek isn't as good with goats as the others, in my opinion, but he'll still listen. Dr. Sullivan is new there. I haven't been able to gauge her abilities yet.

    I'm sorry you've lost one. But don't give up on the ones you still have.

    What mineral mix do you use? Sufficient minerals can help so much when it comes to being able to fight off problems. I can offer some suggestions there, if you don't have any ideas.
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    I use manna pro goat minerals(I know, not a great choice.) this bag is nearly gone and I plan on either getting the wind and rain storm or the new county organics mineral since a distributor for them just got some in recently and they are within driving distance for me. I copper bolus them every few months ever since I noticed a buck of mine has a dull coat and is a little rusty. Glasgow is a little far for me but still doable. I may use them for my future goat needs although it'll be impossible for me to get there this week because of work. And no, I don't think st this point my current vet is going to help out with this. He isn't good with farm animals, I have heard. I've spent so much money there recently and haven't had any luck.
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    Would it hurt to copper bolus her with all this going on? I read in another thread a goat was severely anemic and someone suggested it. She hasn't been bolused in 4-6 months anyway.
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    All the above advice is great. But you also need to find a new vet. Obviously the current one only cares about taking your money and cheating you with no intention of giving proper advice on goats.
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    With red cell..give once a day for a week then once a week until color improves. B 12 or B complex Plus once daily, 30cc of a 50/50 mix of acv/water once a day..high protein feed and browse all help rebuild red blood cells..
    for smoothies..Kale, romaine, alfalfa, kelp ..most darker greens are good for smoothies. Pumpkin is also good.. smoothies are easier on the animal to draw up nutrients. Fruits can be added as well..I use apple or bananas a lot. Its usually what I have on hand lol
    There is also a smoothie product called Dyne..I have never used it but some find it helpful to give.