First goat-related injury.

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    I had a couple of problem goats. They had to go for meat. I always think that after a sale an animal could end up being resold and resold and possibly neglected or abused, in the wrong hands, and that would be way, way worse than a quick death. I did feel bad, I personally don’t eat meat, but I didn’t want the animals to suffer. I felt that if I was having too much trouble with them, and their behaviour wasn’t improving with my very best efforts, chances are other people would too, and they probably don’t have a wonderful forum like this for advice!
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    It took us a year to get our very traumatized 4-5 year old ND Doe to allow us to come within 10 feet of her. She was living with horses and constantly in a state of panic and fear. When we got her she was afraid of EVERYTHING. After a year, she finally let us pet her and feed her by hand. 2 years and and she will let my daughter hug and kiss her and she is very affectionate when she wants to be.
    Some goats take a ton of time if you put in the effort but I believe they can all come around! :)
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    Ok, just to clarify, the ones I had were born here, but they were cryptos, and one was even surgically neutered, but he was forever causing problems with the other males (buck and wether). The second crypto was not accepting me as boss, I tried everything. Neither was traumatized. They were loved and cuddled as little ones. So, it was a little different.
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    The part that has me worried is that she will let me touch her and she will eat treats out of my hand. It's just that the aggression comes out unpredictably.
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    Yes and that has nothing to do with being shy. A goat that will wait for an opportunity to bash a human is unsafe. Too many great goats out there to put up with a mean or dangerous one.
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    The aggression is a problem for sure. Certainly if it is unpredictable and dangerous. I am like you though and would have a heck of a time giving up, but your safety is more important.
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    thank you for the squirt bottle info!
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