First hoof trimming

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  1. Hi everyone, yall have been so helpful on here I thought I would put another question out there for you:

    I need to trim hooves. I have never trimmed a goat hoof. I DO have experience with horse hooves and I know the basic anatomy. Is this something that a rookie can do or should it be left to the professionals? Money is a big issue.

    My oldest doe Maggie has a front hoof that has BIG soles. The walls arent too long but the sole is really puffed up, maybe a centimeter or more. It doesnt seem to cause her pain but I think it needs to be addressed. Can it be shaved down that much at once or will this take multiple sessions?

    Any generic advice you have on trimming would be great. Thanks! :wave:

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    Mar 16, 2009
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    I trim my own goaties hooves. I use hoof rot shears to do it. I start by trimming the wall levelish with the sole then we trim the sole a bit at a time till it is a touch pink or in the case of black soled goats till it gets a bit grey(they r like dog nails and have a quick). I would advise having some blood stop powder and blu-kote on hand the first time. Also and extra person is great as well. BTW you trim the dew claws as necassary I do it about every other hoof trim.

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    Oct 4, 2007
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    Thats great stacey. :leap: . I had to learn by doing based on a pic of a "perfect hoof" :? now tho sine we dont show I just trim up for comfort and to keep the toes pointed in the right direction.
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    I think learning how to trim goats hooves is very important for every goat owner so you don't have to spend extra $$ on a really easy job. Stacey that's a great tutorial! Glad you put that together!! Do you mind if I link it on my website??
  7. excellent! thanks for sharing!

    Im nervous b.c its my first time and her sole is so puffy. Im just going to do it a little at a time.
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    That is the best thing to do, take your time. I use big rone pruning sheers from Walmart, they are curved and it is perfect for the hoof.
    If you do see blood stop and do not go to far. If you DO GET BLOOD. Just try to stop and not go any farther then that. If you get a bleeder we either use blood stop (I do not find that to work well, or I use corn starch. I only do that if it is bleeding really bad. Other wse just leave it and they will be fine.

    Here is another link that also shows hoof trimming.
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    I'll do a tutorial when I'm doing some REALLY overgrown hooves next week.
    (they werent my goat btw) :)

    Took me about 1/2 a hour on each hoof :doh: this is why you trim your goats hooves regulary *nods*
  10. our longtime farrier came by to check on a horse and lent me a nice rasp. the trimming went really well. I took very little off, just 1/8 of an inch or so, just to get her used to it. Shes been in a headgate before but never had her hooves trimmed. Ill get her again in a few days. slow and steady...
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    these are some BAD hooves, I got them trimmed down and all filed in about 1/2 an hour. the rain we just had kept the hooves soft, also had an assistant help me out holding him.

    Here's Odin on the stand, eating.

    Odins front feet, before I started.

    Bottom of the front right hoof..I dug out the junk underneath the 'flaps' and then cut those off so I could see where the sole was..took the heavy duty horse nippers and just cut right up to the sole. no bleeding, then cleaned up the sides and leveled it.

    Hoof after its been cleaned up..this one still needed to be filed to smooth everything off.
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    Great pics Katrina :thumbup:

    I've seen my share of hooves that look like that....not fun to deal with either.
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    They look good. You made progress. Youre doing the right thing by only doing a little at a time.
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    That's a "hoof makeover" for sure! I'd like to add a tip that I learned here (but can't remember from whom). After trimming the overgrown stuff, I use a Dremel w/coarse sanding tip to level the hoof - a bit at a time until I see slight pink or grey - it gets both toes nice & even. It works sticker than heck!