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First time- breeding LaMancha yearlings

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We just leased a reg LaMancha buck to bring home for our does. One of our does is very excited and jumping on board with "the plan." The other doe is reluctant...not very interested....and being bullied terribly by this buck.

I have several questions. Is it possible that the reluctant doe is just not in heat right this minute? Will the other doe ( highly attentive to this buck). Likely settle down or stay really into him? Will they continue on this busy path? Like every day?

I there anything I should do support this breeding plan?
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I would watch carefully the doe that is being bullied. You don't want her injured. She just isn't at the right time of her cycle. You just have to watch. The other doe will go out of heat if she is in it right now. You may even want to consider moving the buck out of the pen if he is too abusive.
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