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Ha ha, on to hogs! Our city allows one hog (yes I know that two do better but it is what it is).

Our local butcher does pigs up to only six months old so I am told. It is a mobile butcher too which is nice but stil...six months is a tight window if you are looking at heritage breeds.

So my question is what is a good hog to try? I am looking at large black, Old spots, mulefoot (but really hard to get), red wattle, and Duroc and any number of crosses of standard hogs to these heritages. Which one may get more bang for buck? I was thinking just getting commercial hog to see if I want to do this every year or every other year. Its just the two of us so one full size will probably be enough.

I'm not interested in the smaller breeds as bacon and lard are my interests. I have some idea of what I may do just want to hear from others.

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