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Flies around one of my goats

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One of my goats constantly has flies circling around her body. I noticed it a couple weeks ago. Is this something to be concerned about?
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Flies that seem to swarm over a single goat would have me alert as well. Usually when a goat is not well we see more Flies on them. I would do a check up just for peace of mind.
Temp (101.5-103.5 is normal range)
Famacha (lower inner membrane color should be deep pink to red)
Rumen, listen for gurgle, burps and gasses
Is she eating well, pooping berries, peeing and chewing a cud? Eyes bright and alert? Coat is soft and looks good. Is she with her herd mates or off to herself? Acting off in any way?

If everything looks good. Then I would simply boost her immune with daily probiotics and fresh raw garlic and maybe add a bit of fly repellent.
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Check her over thoroughly for any open wounds and also her back end. Any pus, diarherra, weepy areas that may attract the flies?
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Check her really close for wounds, scabs as suggested.
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