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Flooding in Colorado

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I was just wondering if anyone here is affected by the flooding here in Colorado. It is horrible here. There is 174 people unaccounted for. In Boulder (CU college) it is horrible and they had to cancel school for two days and a lot of the building have flood damage. The beautiful town of Estes Park where the Big Thompson is under water. It Is horrible.
If anyone here is in the flooded area and you need help or a place for your goats please let me know. Just message me.
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Oh I have been watching on the news! It is awful. I am far away from the area, but I am sure praying for those affected.
I live in Wyoming and hwy 287 is closed due to flooding. Im only 12 miles from the Colorado state line and while its not as bad here as it is there. We are definitely soggy and wet! Keeping everyone in our prayers! :pray: So sick of the rain! :GAAH:
I feel so bad for everyone in CO. You guys are getting hit so hard. I hope people and their animals find safety.
It is horrible. Today we are getting a break but tomorrow the rain comes back full force. They closed down several military bases as well. One base got 12" of rain. They say that would equal 100 Feet of snow if it was snowing.
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