for the goats we lost since Oct,

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    In the two and half months we have lost a number of kids and a handful of Adult goats. Sometimes it just doesnt seem fair. But I fought for all of them the best I could.
    Lucky we miss you my lil Lamancha buck Oct.
    A silver Buckling that didnt get named. Oct.
    A boer paint Buckling that didnt get named Oct.
    Pete a boer Nubian cross that didnt get colostrum. Nov 6th. Repete his brother is doing well, he is my Avatar.
    My dear Alex my sweet little Saanen, if only you had shown me you were sick I didnt have a clue, I miss you everyday when I go out to the barn my baby girl. Nov. 21st
    Our dear Bottle baby, you were a mutt buck but so Hansome and sweet. You also are missed everyday. Dec 9th.
    My Lovey no other goat will replace you I knew I wouldn't have you long you were already sick when I bought you at the sale, but you lived out your last three months in peace and safty and at least we treated your Worms and the pneumia that you had when we brought you home. I told the day I put you on the trailor to bring you home That you would never have to leave no matter what I wouldn't sell you, I thought I would have you for a while longer here with us. But you are no longer in pain and you run and play now as I never got to see you do here. Rest in Peace my beautiful girl. Last night sometime. :angelgoat:
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    Loss is never easy...I am so sorry .... :hug: :(