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For the people who have ever needed to set kids up for pictures

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Please potential buyers of the future don鈥檛 ask me for 8,000 pictures of the kids in every possible position. The only good pictures from last year are when the boys were peeing 馃槶
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I may have one of those nice pee pics too lol. I switched to videoing kid setups and screenshoting a still pic.
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Curious am I the only person with the odd photo text captions here?

Photograph Vertebrate Mammal Organism Felidae

I mean where's the road and cat?

Nature Natural environment Organism Plant Adaptation

Or the dog breed?
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I get those odd texts when the pictures won鈥檛 load for me for a bit (I have bad service) and it鈥檚 giving search word descriptions or something 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔
Maybe since phone data? We don't have real internet here lol my phone is old too. Call it low tech lol
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My phone isn鈥檛 terribly old, and I do generally use phone data instead of my wifi cus that is usually slower 馃槅
We have limited options for internet since we are out of town and in a hole with some hills jutting out blocking鈥 and no phone lines out.
My dad just used a radio phone instead of paying to have phone lines brought out. Then he finally got a cell phone. He actually finally bumped up to a smart phone cus they wouldn鈥檛 sell him an old one again after the last time he lost it out of his pocket when his horse acted up or chasing a calf and jumping sagebrush. So he was forced into the new age 馃槅
If it makes you feel better at my old farm when in the lower 40 I had to hold up a hammer when working on the fence for a signal. And then at the house next to the garage the cells would pickup . Had a house phone but didn't pay for service but still had the old phone in the hall at the end of it. One day it started ringing out of the blue. I kid you not. Told the hubby not to answer lol.
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I would have freaked out if the phone was ringing like that 馃槄
But also curious鈥 of would have been a hard fight between the two 馃ぃ
Well our bose radio his mother got us would randomly come on too. it was weird told the hubby the previous owner was probably just checking in on us. The older gentleman flipped a tractor over on himself and later died from complications. I liked to think he enjoyed us being there. Before we rented it the 80 acres had been over grown and we reclaimed the Land. uncovered tons of old tractors that he had loved to fix up. his sons rented the place and didn't do anything we the Land.
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