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Ford Uses Real Goats To Promote Its GOAT In 1st Bronco Sport Campaign
(from Forbes Magazine, Jan.9, 2021)

The new Ford Bronco Sport and its "family" of goats.

GOAT was an acronym for "Goes Over Any Terrain" long before it stood for "Greatest Of All Time," and Ford has found good reason to resurrect the original meaning in promoting its new Bronco Sport. "Goes Over Any Terrain" was the internal code name for the original, 1966-model Ford Bronco.

In a series of TV and social-media advertisements set to kick off during National Football League playoff games on Saturday, Ford displays the remarkable off-road versatility of a new model that's dubbed the "little brother" of the all-new Ford Bronco.

Ford's suite of three new TV commercials, with an accompanying social-media campaign including endorsements by outdoorsy online influencers, teases out various aspects of a vehicle that is promoted as having seven different driving ("GOAT") modes, so that it can handle terrain and conditions including mud, snow and water.

The first ad (
), "Raised by Goats," playfully describes Bronco Sport as the adult version of a "colt that was raised by goats" in the mountains, thus bringing in the real goats that Ford used to film the spot in mountains near Seattle last fall.

"We were concerned that Bronco Sport wasn't getting the buzz that Bronco was," said Stuart Jennings, creative director for the marketing agency that produced the spots, Wieden & Kennedy.
The first ad demonstrates the "personality" of Bronco Sport and "showcase its capability," Jennings said.

As the first of three TV commercials out of the chute, Jennings said, the spot "was charged with grabbing attention. It's simple. It stands out in a category. Though we're not doing media for the Super Bowl [TV broadcast], our thinking was like, 'What's our 'Super Bowl' spot? How do we break through? How can we get the vehicle noticed in a big way? With 'Raised by Goats,' I think that's what we have."

A second ad features a take on all the stuff that owners can fit into a Bronco Sport, especially outdoor equipment that they need for everything from rock climbing to bicycling. A third new commercial for Bronco Sport highlights the seven available "GOAT" modes and the vehicle's strong capabilities to handle any type of terrain.

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