Foreudders Smoothing Out?

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    Okay, so I've seen a bit on here about foreudders smoothing out with more freshenings. I was directed to Pholia Farm's website, I think SDK told me about it. Anywho, I've read the information on there (good stuff!!) and it didn't mention the part about foreudders smoothing out. It said that udders do change and it mentioned teat size improving (I knew that). But, it showed a picture of one of their does' FF udder and her second, capacity improved as well as teat size but her foreudder, which was smooth in the first freshening is not as smooth with the 2nd.

    So, I guess my question is, am I looking in the wrong place? Is the information elsewhere? From what I learned before, foreudders do not smooth out with future freshenings, what is not well-attached to begin with, will not improve. Can anyone help answer these questions?

    Oh, this is where I am looking, so maybe it is in the wrong place? :shrug: ... 20Nigerian
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    I dont know any specific facts or a place to find them but from talking to breeders who have been raising goats longer then me I learned that forudders can improve. Not always. It depends on the lines.

    The farm I am getting Lola from has kept all their doelings each year and they noticed that with each freshioning the udders improve (or something like that). Their foundation doe is a Gay-Mor doe. Gail Putcher isnt breeding anymore but she is still very much involved in our area shows and such. Anyway rear attachments or medial dont change from what I was told by Teri Stanton. But I think it all depends on the doe. I was all about to give up on Sweet Pea but everyone at the shows was like Oh no she has potential, give her a couple more freshionings. So I will be able to be more of an "authority" (yah right) on the subject in years to come as I watch my does.

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    I have heard of pockets, shelves and weak fore udders on first fresheners. Second freshenings, with the udder filling in with more capacity and stretching it out more tends to correct a lot of problems in the fore udder on FFs. So its always worth a wait to see if it corrects itself on does like that. First freshenings can be just a rough idea of what the real udder will look like.