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    Ok you all just to let everyone know pictures are comen. My recharable batteries take time too get a good charage on them

    THere I was yesturday. Sitting in my jammies watchign tv and nursen the bad cold I have and I get a phone call. I jump up and spill the OJ on th floor and run to the phone pick up up see the caller ID was for the farm. I answer it...

    I am now sitting at my boss's puter with to new borns next to me. THey where born yesturday morning around 8am. There names are Boris and Beautiful Natasha. Bonnie Kidded. With all of bonnie's babies they have to start with a B. I am now the proud mommy of Boris and Tasha.

    Boris is mostly white with a little bit of light brown and tasha is i hate to say a plain jne black and white but she has personality to make up for it.

    That was the last doe we where waiten to kid. The count this year for Crossbuck Farms (Boss's barn name) iiiiiissssss

    2 Bucks (Dude Drop Inn and now Boris)
    6 Does ( Cappichino, Expresso, Latai, Cherry Blossom, Clemitime, and Beautiful Natasha)

    And you know what is scarry they are all still on a bottle!!!!!

    Pictures of all the babies are soon to come.
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    WOW you sure are a crazy person. I can not believe you have more babies. Congratulations on the new babies and we are waiting for the picutres.