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Found a protector

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Found this boy today. He looks to be a Great Pyrenees Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Fawn
. He is skin and bones and raw around his anal area, I'm guessing from worms. He is in my extra stall, I wormed him, gave him a rabies shot, and started him on antibiotics.


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Awww poor boy he looks so scared and sad. Bless you for helping him out and caring for him.
Poor boy. He sure does look scared. I bet you will have him healthy in no time.
Aw...poor thing. So glad he's in a new home!
Glad you are taking care of him.
Awwww , looks like you found him in the nick of time too ! :(:(:(
Poor guy , he mustve had some bad times out there on his own.
So glad your taking care of him :) Have you seen any postings for lost dogs in your area or surrounding towns ?
I've been looking and plan on calling local animal controls and seeing if he is chipped.
He is the sweetest boy. Here is another pic of him with my barn cat Milo. Dog Carnivore Cat Wood Whiskers


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Aww, he looks like a sweetheart! Bless you for rescuing him!
Awwww, what a sweet picture! Good job on rescuing him! Hopefully he will be back to health in no time with you taking care of him. ;-) :)
what a soulful face! It just kills me that the prevailing theory on LGDs is to leave them alone untended, they can be such sweet dogs-- feed him up for me will you! He needs Love and food! and THANKYOU!!!!!
That picture with Milo is too much. I hate to see animals this boys condition. He looks like he is saying, I just want a good home. Please add updated pictures often.
Milo and him seem to be making a bond :)
Thank you for bringing him in!!
That poor baby :/
Who would even think to dump him?!
People are messed up......

I know you'll take great care of him :) he looks warm & cozy already!!!
Do you have a scanner ? That would be great you can get the number and look it up , get the info and maybe make a happy reunion .
I would be careful with your kitty though , JMO.
Don't worry the kitty doesn't stay with him. I frontlined him today as well and put my dobe's winter coat on him. We have had a foot of snow the past few week and temps in the singles, he prob wouldn't have made it through winter.
Love the coat. He is looking more comfortable already.
Aww, how sweet! He looks like a REALLY pretty boy once you get him filled out!
How is he with the animals?
Aww, I bet he'll outgrow that coat quickly now he's getting food and love!
So glad that y'all found each other! He needed the love and care I'm sure he will be an amazing lgd for you! Congrats
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