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Fraudulent Breeder/Around Salem, OR

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Hi Everyone
I once read on this forum that if there is a problem with a breeder, the vast membership here might be able to help.

I have two purebred nubian goats from (well what I thought was) a friend of mine. She moved to the Salem, Oregon area and now is not communicating with me when I have asked for my registration paperwork. I can't believe she did this, but after some research here in AZ, it appears she owes many people paperwork, therefore selling purebreds fraudulently in my mind.

This is what I know. Her name is Crystal Benson. She is working as a farm manager on a certified organic farm somewhere around Salem, Oregon. The owner of the farm used to be, or still a CEO of Logistics for Amazon. Supposedly the farm is 200+ acres and they do sell at the local farmers markets in that area.

I do know that she has a pregnant doe right now that is due to kid in 2-3 weeks. I know this because she bred my doe (at my house) at the same time. She owes me paperwork for doe, a buck I bought from her, and a service memo for the doe I have which is due to kid.

I hate throwing this out there, but I also would hate for anyone else to hand her over money and never get what they paid for.

I know its not much to go on, but can someone please help? Any suggestions on what I should do at this point?
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First, I would make sure to save any type of emails or written info to/from her.
Also, if these goats are registerable through ADGA, if you know the names of sire and dam you can look them up, also check your goats ears for tattoos, if she tattooed them then her herd name would be registered. You can contact ADGA and file a claim against her.
The Chamber of Commerce in the city where the goat farm is located would likely have contact info for that employer's farm. Also State of Oregon would have contact info for the farm through Dairy Licensing.

You can ADGA register the goats NOA (Native On Appearance) using the known parentage, and the tatt's shown. THEN when you find the breeder, she can do the paperwork request thru ADGA to upgrade the goats from NOA to full papers. The breeder must initiate that upgrade, and the buyer (you) must agree to the upgrade.. At least in the meantime you can have the goats on file at ADGA, registered, until you find her. When you find her, give her the upgrade request forms and ask her to initiate it. Offer to pay for the upgrade (if necessary).

You know, times are very difficult for most people in this economy. I am guessing, but maybe most of the time "lack-of-papers-provided" could be b/cuz of "lack-of-$" (for the fees to ADGA). That might be why some papers get bogged down. Or maybe someone else in the lineage has slowed down by trying to find service memos, and papers misplaced or get duplicates

We really don't ever know the whole story in another's situation unless we take the time to show grace to each other, and ask them time to tell their side and to be equal and fair. The vast majority of people are honest and kind. Its just that "Life happens". If it came down to buying hay or paying fees that month....I would choose hay :). I think you might too.:wink:

Just as a thought...States are changing Laws as to what can be typed/implied online publicly..many people are suing for things written in online posts (and winning). Especially when it's personally identifiable information like names of people and farms. Folks should think about what they write. You might want to edit that post.:shrug:

If you don't have a written agreement between you and the seller, for ADGA papers included in the purchase, likely you can't do anything in small claims court.
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Life can "happen" but a reputable person will make sure that the people they have sold to know what is going on. They should never just quit communicating. A total lack of communication indicates fraud in my book too. Especially when it is combined with leaving the area and no known contact point after that.
Thank you for your information
Unfortunately, this person was a friend of mine and I had contacted her many times, including offering to pay all registrations fees FOR HER ENTIRE HERD in order to get my papers.

If you sell a goat as registered and then the buyer cannot register, thats fraud. Life can happen all you want, when you make a commitment and take money for it, you have bound yourself to a verbal contract. Period.

My post stands.
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