Free minerals & baking soda??????

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  1. Sorry nother newbie question! :help:
    So I had my new babies to the vet today. Asked tons of questions. But forgot to ask about minerals and baking soda. I got a salt lick W/ cilenium. But I have read several other things that sound kinda like neccesity? :scratch:
    What kind of minerals and other things are important for them to have? I mean other than hay or grain? What should I ask for at the feed store?? :shrug:
    You guys are great by the way. I'm sure you have to be thinking,"seriously" sometimes.
    By the way vet said they looked very healthy!! YAY. :leap:
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Wonderful news that the vet gave a clean bill of health!

    Loose minerals for goats need to contain copper as well as calcium, selenium, magnesium etc.

    Some brands are Purina, Kent, Southern States, DuMor, Sweetlix and Manna Pro

    Tractor Supply just started to carry the Manna Pro.

    As far as baking soda goes, I get the "2 for a dollar" boxes from Dollar General.

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    So glad the goats are healthy. That is GREAT.

    OK, as for free choice stuff. I always have free choice baking soda out for my goats. They should be able to get it when they want it. I also do have mineral blocks out (I have horses also), but for the goats main mineral, they really do need a free choice LOOSE mineral. They can not lick to get what they need before they burn their tongue, or they try to bite it to get more and they break teeth. Now that said don't panic about the blocks. Keep them but get a good loose mineral. There are so many different ones to chose from. I use sweetLix meat makers. It works best for my goats. It should have2 parts calcium to 1 part Phosphorus. That is how you keep down the UC chances.
  4. Sorry UC chances???? Oh yeah, and Eva is not perggers. So now it's a race to get the CAE testing back so that I can take her to have her bread, before the gal takes the buck back. :?
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    UC is urinary calculi that can sometimes affect bucks and wethers. Too high calcium in the diet and not enough acidity in the urine is a major cause and though treatable, not all boys survive.

    I hope that Eva's dating plans work out and you get to see babies mid March!
  6. ME TOO!!! Thanks :love:
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    As for me and my goats, we always have free choice baking soda (from Costco, changed every 3 days)
    Free choice loose minerals, Purina .. but like Liz said, TSC has Sweetlix now, so I might try that some to see if they like it.
    Also have a berry mineral block because I have one silly goat that likes to chew on things. Figure she can chew and get something good for her. Some have told me it’s not good for goats to chew on hard stuff, but hey, the goat is going to chew on the fence or the block .. so I figure the block is better than taping her mouth shut :leap:

    As far as UC goes (I’m just a new goat owner myself, so I’m not sure if this is right, someone correct me if I wrong)
    I did find some Ammonium Chloride that is non stinky from Hoggers Goat Supply. Just a bit on the boys food and he’s good to go … literally :hi5: