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    May 31, 2009
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    We had a great time at the fair today. Our fellow FCGBA member James Tugwell's daughter Rachel won GC breeding ewe AND senior showmanship! We only had one breeding nanny in the show and Lori Massey won 2nd in the 12 month class. She was so happy! Our show girl, Samantha Winkler won Junior Showmanship. She will be showing Mr. Fancy Pants on thursday. Too bad I'm gonna be tugboatin'! Pictures to come.
    Everyone kept asking me how many goats I had in the shows. I told everyone that no one wants to show my goats cuz they are too ugly. It was a strange day all around. We took Matthew, T-Bolt, and Pretty Girl to Doc Jonas in the morning. Found out that Matt needs to be culled cuz he is infertile. Just when he is getting to the prime of his life, we have to get rid of him. T-Bolt had a strange rash cuz he is being bugged by bugs. I guess we have different bugs from the plains area. Pretty Girl got snake bit on the inside of her right thigh. She is OK, but needs hydro therapy on the area and topical and injected medications. Just when we were getting her used to the pasture and herd thing, she has this happen that turns her back into a barn baby. Maybe she went out and teased that snake to get to be fed mass quantities of kibble again.
    I think that her and Miss Piggy and Honey and Sissy Sis got together and plotted this out. They all know that we see that they are great friends and herdmates and if one is ailing, we will put the others back with her to offer her companionship and comfort. I just looked out the window and they are sleeping together, lounging against each other. In the morning they will start to cry together to let us know that they richly deserve some prime goat kibble groceries and will turn up their noses at the "common " goat chow! They should change it from "the life of Rielly" to "the life o Nanny"!
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    I am so happy everyone had a great at the fair.... :greengrin:

    tugboatin'!....oh how cool.....can't wait for the pics....

    So sorry about ..Matt...that is sad.... :( :hug:
    and ..T-Bolt ....getting bugged....

    Oh my ...Pretty Girl got snake bit... :shocked: Was it poisonous? I bet she did ...taunt that snake.... the others let her take the hit...LOL :wink: :greengrin: