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4 American Alpine buck kids for sale. All are disbudded and tattooed, and were raised CAE preventative on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. They are current on vaccinations and will be ready for breeding this fall! These are very nice buck kids with excellent genetics behind them.

White chamoise buck born 3/21/2013
Asking $300
Sire's Sire: Pleasant Grove Zen Ledger
Sire: Addi-Hill Ledger Elliot
Sire's Dam: Addi-Hill Shamus Ella
Dam's Sire: Sire: Roeburn's Bruno Sawyer *B
Dam: Breezy Way Sawyer Dakota
Dam's Dam: Dam: Breezy Way Bold Type Darcie

Sundgau buck born 3/10/2013
Asking $300
Sire's Sire: CH Stumphollow F&H Fortune Hunter *B
Sire: Rainbow Colors FH Snookie
Sire's Dam: Rainbow Colors RUF Sophie
Dam's Sire: Sire: Munchin'Hill Parker
Dam: Breezy Way Parker Helena
Dam's Dam: Dam: Breezy Way Bold Type Harlow

Two Sundgau bucks born 3/13/2013
One priced at $325, other at $350
Sire's Sire: Cherry Glen Rampart Spider
Sire: Iron-Rod Rampart Supreme
Sire's Dam: Iron-Rod RDK Sunami
Dam's Sire: SG Redwood Hills Revolution Speed +*B
Dam: Hoach's HSKK Kimora
Dam's Dam: Hoach's RHRS Kambria

I also have a Registered as a French alpine proven yearling.

Addi Hill Ledger Elliott
French Alpine
DOB: 3-15-2012
Asking $300
Sire: Pleasant Grove Zen Ledger
Sire's Sire: YBNVS Revolutionary Zen
Sire's Dam: CH Pleasnt Grove SSO Length
Dam: Addi Hill Shamus Ella
Dam's Sire: Roeburn's Limerick Shamus *B
Dam's Dam: The Addi Hill Ace Watadew

Please do not hesitate to email with any questions or for pictures or information!

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I went to your website- very nice bucklings! I really like the sungau's. Why do you have one buckling at $325 and one at $350?
I am curious, because to me they are both beautiful! Thanks!

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Thank you very much! I absolutely love those little guys; they've been my favorite bucks since birth! Their dam is gorgeous too, I think another freshening and she should easily get her championship!

One is priced at $350 because, to me, he is more smoothly blended, has more strength of bone, and is much taller at the point of shoulder than the other kid. The other kid may have a bit more width and depth of rib, but he is not as tall as his brother.

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