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Freshly clipped... I love the clean look!!!

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Contredanse scratching her belly on the cedar log. ;)



Fuchsia showing off her rear end. She has no interest in photos. :p


And pregnant Anna...
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They look ready to be shown! I just got done clipping Peach, Robin and Janna and boy are they looking gorgeous!!! That winter fur can hide alot! :greengrin:
Don't you love the new looks!!!! I love to clip and see them all primped and primed for showing!!! :D
I love the spots!!!! They all look so clean and cool. Just waiting for our weather here to get warmer and more stable so can clip. Our first shows around here usually don't start until Memorial Day and even then some breeders don't clip until June.
This show (April 12th & 13th) is the earliest one I've been to. We do usually start showing in later April though.
How long does it take you to clip each goat? It takes me about 30-45 minutes, I also trim hooves then too. I am some what of a perfectionist lol
Lets see I went down to the barn at 3:30 and clipped two goats and came up at about 5:00 but didn't do hooves so I'm a perfectionist too. Some clip easier than others. Nottie had a very downy coat so it was rough cutting. The less down there is the easier it cuts. I try to get it all while doing it but always see things later that need clipped. :p I haven't done any hooves yet but intend to do them all soon. Since I've been milking every morning I'll just do it in the morning one day.

Oh and I need to check tattoos too. I will have to tattoo any kids I take because they all don't have any yet. I was slack this year doing the tattoos. I usually do them at the same time that I disbud.
LOL, Janna was NOT thrilled about being clipped in the least bit. Peach and Robin did really well. Everyone has already shedded out so there wasn;t much inder fur to get through.

I am really happy with my new clippers as they are so quiet and cut really well.
Most of my does have been easy to clip, but the bucks have had a good bit downy.

Most of mine have been really easy to clip. They only protest when we get to faces and udders/privates. They don't seem to like that at all but who can blame them.
Mine haven't minded their faces done - which surprises me. I change clipper blades often to keep them cool. Although today I think they enjoyed the warmer blades lol.
Its like one or the other, they'll be ok for the face and dance for the tail or they'll dance and bob around for the face and stand for the tail. :p
Exactly! Mine so far have been had problems with their tail. The little girls are in the barn with their styleish new double layer T-shirts :ROFL:
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