Friend has 2 goats for sale, BRED

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    Im helping my friend sell 2 of her goats. She lives in elk grove right by me!

    Heres the info she sent me to post

    I have 2 girls for sale.

    One is 5 years old, chocolate in color, very sweet, may be bred, although I cannot confirm. Shes $150, she would make a great pet for a child!

    My other doe is almost a year, shes buckskin with white, shes not very sweet, but shes a great show doe, she placed 3rd at her first show. She used to be really friendly, I think she needs to be in a smaller herd, when I hold her and pet her she calms down. Shes BRED, due around may, she should have some very pretty colorful kids! Shes priced at $300.

    I can sell both girls for $400 together. Just sent there papers so they should be coming back in a couple weeks, I need these girls gone before I change my mind so please respond asap if interested
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    Re: Friend has 2 goats for sale, one BRED, one possibly bred


    She has a BRED doe, should be kidding in a month or so, for $200!!

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    Oct 30, 2010
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    Re: Friend has 3 goats for sale, 2 BRED, one possibly bred.

    Well, I think she should include some Pics! It's so much more fun to SEE them!
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    Re: Friend has 3 goats for sale, 2 BRED, one possibly bred.

    Sure thing

    Heres Padme, shes bred, due in a month, $200


    Heres queen, my friend was all excited to have her, then she ditches her onto me. shes $125


    And heres Callie, shes a year old, due in may, got 3rd place at her first show


    Shes very fuzzy right now!

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    Queen is sold...

    Just leaves her doe Padme, and my doe Callie, I dont want to sell her, but we were co owning and now shes leaving.

    She really needs padme gone, shes moving and cant take ONE goat with her, she said she can sell her for less, and have our combined price be $350. Please let me know!