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  1. So I got a sheep and goat block from feed solutions for my stinkers It has ingredients listed, but I wanted more info and can't find any. The other thing is I bought Payback medicated boer goat grian No ingrediants listed and website totally useless. :angry: Does anyone use this? My goats are niggies, but the guy at the feed store said it was usefull against cocci? :shrug: Do I have the right stuff? I should mention that I also have a silenium lick.
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    whatever is listed on the block is usually what you get -- a sheep and goat block will be missing copper as copper can be deadly to sheep so that wouldnt be in there in a combo breed block.

    as to the medicated grain -- do your guys have cocci? or have you had issues with it in the past? if not then I dont recomend you use a medicated feed. It only builds up resistance to the medicine and then it isnt effective. Plus you need to feed the right amount of feed so that they are getting enough of the medicine and if the label is missing you wont know what that amount is to be effective.

    every bag of feed should have a label -- I would contact your feed store to find out where the label is and if they dont know why it is missing ask for the rep's number so you can contact the feed rep directly.

  3. No issues with cocci, so I should probably ditch that bag huh! So just a plain grain is ok unless I have probs?
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    Just plain goat feed, and I have to agree with Stacey, unless you have issues with cocci, it's best to not medicate them.

    If the feed store will take it back in exchange for an un medicated sack of feed, that would be good.
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    Yes I would stick with a simple grain nothing fancy.

    Now if you ever do end up with a huge cocci problem people have found the medicated feeds to help keep the numbers down to an easy manageable level. So they are useful at times.
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    great advice... I agree.....good luck with your goaties :wink: :greengrin: