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Fun Horse Sim Game

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I know its not goats but this is a fun horse sim game. It's free and occupys your extra time.
Take a look and join.
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You breed, train, and take care of horses. It's fun but before you do anythign you should read the breaders manuel
Did you make this game? Whem they talk about prizes....what kind of prizes? Looks interesting! :D
No I didn't make the game.
Not sure what kind of prizes their talking about
Oh, okay. I seen in the link you gave us it said Titan's Luver.....and I know your herd name is Titan I wasn't sure.

I'll have to check it out later! :)
That's just so ill show up as your sponsor when you sign up.
i sighed up , lol i have always wanted a horse ....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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