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Well it has been a month...or two? I don't remember, anyway, Sugar is doing well, growing well and is very happy. Gus not so much but he is very spoiled about his food. We switched them to a grass/alfalfa mix and are slowly reducing their full alfalfa down. They seem to like the grass (now) but still get some pellets and goat feed. Tried carrots today but only one (Sugar), was happy to eat them. We now have a good idea of when Sugar goes into heat and how long it lasts. She was so bad this month, even Gus reacted by making bucky sounds. She stood for him too after pestering him a lot. XD
Anyway, here are a few pictures of our brats. I tried HARD to get rear pictures of Sugar but they much prefer to sniff our faces than stand for photos. Brats. Happy turkey day to all.


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