Gaining Weight in Rescued Goats

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    Apr 1, 2016
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    Hi there! I rescued 5 goats (4 pygmies, one unknown breed) last October and they are still underweight, and I'm very concerned about them. Are there any supplements I can give them to gain weight? I have never had goats before so I'm completely new to this. I intend to get these guys to a healthy weight and keep them as pets since they quickly grew attached to me. The pygmies are 6 years old and the unknown mixed breed is 2 years old. All are on a good quality, grassier hay. The pygmies each get a cup of grain every other day, however the 2 year old was instructed by a vet to not get grain because he had kidney stones caused by too much, in turn putting him through surgery to remove the stones and reconstruct his urinary tract. They all tested negative for worms and received their CD/T yesterday. Since they still have their winter coat they look bigger than they are. Their ribs and hip bones can be felt easily when touched. I have included pictures of each goat. The first four are the pygmies (taken last year) and the last is the mixed breed who had surgery (taken a few weeks ago).

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    Was coccidia included in the fecal test?

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    Yes. All five came back clear of any parasites. I thought lots of love and quality hay and grain would help their weight issue, but after 6 months there has been little to no change. The 2 year old is worse off, perhaps because he is younger. The vet that came to see them was more concerned with him because of how tall he is and how little he weighs. She thinks he may be a Saanen mix and told me he should gain at least 25 pounds, if not more.
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    Hmm. They all look like they're in good condition to me. When you feel along their spine, how does it feel?

    Beet pulp will help them gain weight. Also, there are grains made with AC in it to keep stones from forming. Noble goat is what I feed and it's formulated so that it won't create stones.

    Coccidia isn't a parasite so sometimes you have to specifically ask the vet to include it in the fecal.

    You didn't mention if they have loose minerals or not, but they need those. TSC carries manna pro minerals, that's what I use and I like it so far.

    Calf manna would be something to look into adding if you're looking for something to get them to put on weight. Remember that weight needs to be gained slowly and all feed changes need to happen very gradually.
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    Have they been tested for Johne's disease by sending blood samples to a lab?