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Garlic Barrier

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Garlic Barrier: Natural garlic extract used to repel insects.

I have been reading more about Garlic Barrier as a control for barberworm, I believe, and other parasites, maybe even coccidia. Anyway, I am very interested in trying this.

Wanted to know who uses this. How do you administer it?

I'm thinking to follow the suggestions from this website Garlic Barrier - Deworming of Sheep

1 tsp for each goat, but it states only 6 times per year. I'm thinking about using it once a week in their feed bucket mixed with their chaffhaye. They love their chaffhaye and should eat it down. Do you think this will be too much garlic barrier?
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I have heard good results with this product. Not sure dosage . Maybe @NigerianDwarfOwner707 has some info
This is what I have used in the past and was reccomended. I haven't in a long while just because I never reordered it.

1c Garlic Barrier
1c ACV
1c Blackstrap molasses
1 probiotic per dose
Liquid b-complex (one dose per animal

Over 60# - 60cc
under 60lb 30cc

Did this monthly.
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