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I keep hearing people talking about "this buck tends to make does" or "the buck determines the gender". I'm curious to what degree. We can say, in humans, that the man determines the gender of the baby since he provides either the X or Y chromosome but it's still 50/50. Is there an actual tendency in goats for a buck to produce more of one gender or is it still the 50/50 split and tradition is just to credit the buck for something random?

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Speaking from the point of view of a previous vet tech the number one influence of what decides the gender is the time of breeding. The follicle size of the doe or mare at time of breeding. I mainly worked equine repro and would ultrasound mares to determine when was the best time to expose or AI to produce foals. The closer to ovulation bred the more likely to produce male offspring as the "male encoded" sperm "swim" faster but have shorter life spans than the "female encoded" but female encoded have a better chance of being the "winner" if animal is "covered" (exposed or AI) farther from the ovulation time. Does this make sense?

The first time I wanted a colt from a previous broodmare I did daily ultra sounds and did live cover the day she was ovulating.

Another mare I wanted a filly on I need before ovulation so the only viable sperm was the female encoded. Got my filly that round.

With goats some bucks like doe a in different "season" meaning some like early in heat and later in heat so yes the buck could determine gender by his breeding preferred practices.
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I’ve always tried to expose my does at first sigh of standing heat, pen breed and remove the buck. I tend to get more does.
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