General Testing of Livestock

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    As of 04/13/2020 All state laboratory equipment, nationwide, is being utilized for processing of SARS-CoV-19 testing. Including ours guys.
    It might be prudent for a little while not to expect much of the laboratories or the harrassed, overworked techs.
    There're many things we can wait on for now. Please, be understanding and patient with the situation. We are in a better place than many, we have the needed equipment.
    They are even opening the old AVID labs back up. Welcome to the '80's lol
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    Feb 6, 2020
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    Hard times for all.
    Warms me to see changes like this however. Those labs and employees have the tools to help others, and so they are.
    Many in our country still have their heads up their asses, but the last time we saw anywhere near this level of cooperation and sudden life, liberty, and employment changes was WW2.
    Up in the epicenter north east, every company with masks, suits, gloves, cloth, or 3D printers has gone to donate or create. All our breweries are making sanitizer. I have masks cut out sitting on my sewing machine.

    "My hands are small, but they are my own."
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    I was just looking at a few laboratory websites for another thread and saw that many are not accepting certain samples right now. Hadn't even considered this aspect, but it makes sense!
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    That makes sense to utilize the labs for as much COVID-19 testing as possible. I wonder if private labs such as Sage Ag Labs are also prioritizing COVID-19 testing.