Genetically modified crops and goats

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    Oct 26, 2008
    I've recently completed two assignments for uni and I thought some goat spotters might be interested. If anyone would like to read more, throw me a PM with your email or post it here (whichever you prefer) and I can send them on to you.

    The first is a short paper (2000) words titled "Feed The World: The potential of genetically modified crops to solve world hunger, poverty and malnutrition in developing countries". The abstract is below. The paper doesnt require any specific knowledge of biotechnology, its written in very basic language. I really enjoyed writing it and developing my knowledge of an area which I didnt know much about.

    The second assignment was a seminar titled "Do Goats Really Eat Tin Cans? Current knowledge concerning goat nutrition". There is a powerpoint presentation as well as a transcript of what I said during the presentation.