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I would like to thank every one for your replies :)

I went to the link, and read all of his site. I have never seen them actually used to herd, I think it's great that he is using them for what they are originally bred for. I don't think I would train one to actually herd because there isn't much need around here for them to herd, although I might look into it, since we do have cattle that need to be moved from time to time.

I am still really interested in getting a puppy. I know any breed of dog can kill, but this is the breed I want, I have researched for a long time and I like the qualities of the breed. I need to find a good breeder some where close to me, I looked on the AKC site and I think they where all show lines, but I will check again.

Thank you for sharing you thoughts and stories with me :)
Just a word about show lines. They are awesome workers , that's what we breed , train and show.
Good luck with your search and have fun picking a pup !
And post pictures please :snowbounce:
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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