Oregon Get money back from your purchase, Nigerian dwarf goats

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  1. My policy is: Any goats purchased from me that have my ADGA registered herd name of MilknKids will be refunded up to 50% of the purchase price if the new owner shows that goat to Championship and/or gets USDA elite doe status and/or gets top ten and/or gets an LA of 88 or more with an E on mammary.

    With that said, I have some I could sell. Some with all four grand parents are champions and THREE times top ten, and more.

    ALSO: it is best to call if you are seriously interested. I'm not on here much. I am full time caregiver here for my terminally ill daughter. five four one eight three two two three eight seven. please leave a clear message if I could not get to the phone.

    Bucklings with all 4 CH grandparents: A couple of white bucklings; 1 w blue eyes, 1 w gold eyes. All four grand parents are CH or SGCH. One of the grand dams is 3 times top ten USDA doe. With ADGA papers-$taking offers. dam appraised 86 as a FF.
    Goat-er-done pal vanilla bean XX Urban Acres MS Man in the Moon

    A blue eyed doeling with same sire as above for $250. could be homozygous blue eyes.
    MilkNKids Phantshado Lil Brich XX Urban Acres MS Man in the Moon

    A weaned doeling for $250.
    MilkNkids RD lactivist Kate XX MilkNKids DF behind eight ball

    A young unbred doe for $250. Polled. She eats dog food is the reason for selling her; can't feed the dog around her!
    MilkNKids Phantshado Lil Brich XX Camanna CT Charlie

    The above buck: Moon, is for sale for $800. Throws lots of color.

    SW Oregon.